mConsole Pricing

The pricing model is simple.  Each location (main or branch) has a base price which is paid once and includes all computers in that building.  All modules of the software are included in the base package.  You may add additional patron or staff workstations as needed without additional costs.   Branch base prices are significantly discounted.

Yearly support maintenance is calculated as 15% of the base package price and waived for the first year.

Main Location Base Package Price is $3500.

Branch Location Base Package Price is $850.

Installation Options

On-site(Greater Michigan Area Only) – technician comes to your site and installs the software and trains staff.  $850 plus mileage.

Remote – technician works with your local tech remotely.  $500 which includes one web based training session.


Jamex coin changer for setup of self-serve print release kiosk $2500

LibraryGear Server Warranty – Every building running mConsole will have a small server installed in the cable closet.  The price of this hardware is included in the base price.  The server is warrantied for one year after which parts and labor will be charged for repairs.  For a modest yearly fee of $25 per server, we offer full replacement assurance if this is a better option.

Typical Library Setup

Typical Library has one building and wants to implement the mConsole solution.  They have a good local technician that will coordinate the installation so remote installation and training makes sense for them.  They’re not interested in providing coin-op self-serve kiosks and the standard warranty is fine with them.

Typical Library base package is $3500.

Remote installation and training $500.

Total initial expenditure $3500 + $500 = $4000

Yearly support fees are 15% of $3500 or $525.  Waived for the first year.