Aitkin Memorial District Library

mConsole has helped the library to run more efficiently. Staff can easily assign patrons to a computer and the software takes it from there, keeping track of their time remaining, ending a session when it is the next person’s turn, and adding time if no one is on the waiting list. We now rarely have to fight with people to get off the computer as they can see their time is up. The print management portion of the software also saves the library money as now no one can walk off without paying for their copies.” Jennifer W.

Berrien Springs District Library

“We’re glad we switched to mConsole! Installation was quick and painless, and the training was easy to follow and understand. Both staff and patrons find mConsole user friendly. Another plus with mConsole is the technical support team. They are courteous, helpful, and quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have.” Kristina K.

Bridgman Public Library

“After hearing all the great recommendations from local libraries, I requested mConsole from my Library Friends group, who approved the purchase. When Mike and his staff arrived, they went right to work. Library staff training was so smooth and easy, mConsole has created a product that really does what they say it will. Great product, great service, great follow up help. Thanks, mConsole!!!” Carol R.

Eau Claire District Library

“mConsole is easy for the staff to learn and use. It has a common sense approach to time and print management, with simple to use features for both the staff and the patrons. It is affordable, easy to use and the technical support team is wonderful to work with. We are very pleased with mConsole.” Ann G.

Michigan City Public Library

“After spending more than two years searching for a computer reservation system that would meet our very specific requirements, we landed on mConsole and we love it! Automating our computer reservation system has enabled us to assist a greater number of patrons while not neglecting the computer users (who have taken very well to the new system). The program is staff and patron friendly and has helped us to manage our public access computers in a non-confrontational manner. The Sanilac staff was incredibly helpful and attentive throughout the process and continues to help us tweak the system. We couldn’t be more pleased.” Jennifer M.

Sanilac District Library

“mConsole is a quick and easy solution to efficiently assign our public access computers to our patrons. Staff can see at a glance which computers are available and the screen may be customized to our preferences. mConsole manages each session on every computer, saving staff time and effort. The Waiting List has taken the stress out of trying to figure out whose session is ending and whose turn is next. Reports are available to track computer use statistics. We discovered that our PACs are actually being used much more than we realized.” Bev D.

Bad Axe District Library

“Installing the mConsole computer and print management system in our library has cut down dramatically on the amount of staff time that we used to devote to monitoring computer use. Now, when a user’s time is up, the computer simply logs out. There is no need for staff to risk arguments with patrons about giving up their computers. We have also seen great savings in printing supplies since we release print jobs from the front desk. mConsole has been a huge improvement and, after a year of using it, we don’t know how we got along without it! ” Mimi H.

Big Rapids Community Library

“We have been very pleased with mConsole. It is easy for both patrons and staff, and has really streamlined our computer sign-up process. The print queue has been very useful – ensuring that patrons only receive (and pay for) what they want. You and your staff have gone “above and beyond” in responding to our needs. I would definitely recommend this product and your company to anyone.” Helena H.

Charlotte Community Library

“After spending many frustrating years with another company’s software, the staff is thrilled with mConsole. We especially love the print recovery function. mConsole is easy to use and staff and patrons alike love the ease in which computers are assigned. The entire staff of mConsole are helpful, friendly and open to suggestions. We would recommend mConsole to any library wanting help with managing their public computers.” Ann G.

Ludington Library

“Our staff’s response to mConsole has been 100% positive. After years of manually managing our public internet machines, mConsole has brought control of allocating time and public printing to the front desk. Not only does the circulation staff love it but even our patrons like it. It is very easy to use, the circulation, staff from our 15 year old student page to our 80 year circulation clerk had no problems in learning to use it. Technical service and follow up on questions and issues has been outstanding. I highly recommend mConsole.” Robert D.

New Buffalo Township Public Library

“We were so impressed with the easy installation, training and use of mConsole! This program works seamlessly with our other programs and network and has made a huge difference in the amount of time spent by staff managing patron computer use and printing. Both staff and patrons learned to use the software quickly and we have had only positive feedback. After years of searching for a management solution, I am happy to report we chose the best program for our library.” Julie

Sandusky District Library

“mConsole has allowed our library staff to manage our public access computers in a simple and non-confrontational manner. The entire program is very staff and patron “friendly”, and we are extremely happy with the end results. mConsole has taken all of the worry and tension out of managing this segment of our library population.” Gail N.

Rawson Memorial District Library

“I know it has been a bit since we started using the mConsole. We love it. I had a staff meeting this morning and all the girls agreed that it has been a wonderful solution to many issues we face by providing free internet service.” Kate V.

Sparta Carnegie Township Library

“I can’t believe how easy this whole process was and how readily our patrons are taking to it. Thank you for all your work!” Lois L.