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The system generates administrative reports that detail how your technology is being used. A few examples are listed here.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary Report gives a quick overview of how workstations are being used.

A date and workstation range is selected for the report.

At a glance, the report shows how much time was allocated and how much time was actually used.

Session counters are also included with a breakdown of patrons vs. guest sessions.

Guest Tickets

Guest Tickets are optionally generated to provide guests with access to your network.

These guests might be using your workstations or might be using their workstations on your wireless network.

Guest tickets are easy to generate and automatically expire so there is no cleanup to worry about.

They can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11 paper. Thirty tickets fit on a page. Just cut them out and distribute.

The tickets are also formatted to fit nicely on standard mailing labels.

The barcode is optional.

Hourly Summary

Use the hourly summary to track your busy times.

This report is perfect for finding your busy hours, days, and months.

Sessions By Hour Report

The Sessions By Hour Report can be used to get a handle on a number of statistics.

The data is broken down by hour of the day so you get a very clear picture sessions and times.

The report is summarized to show how much time was allocated and how much time was actually used.

Patron wait times are also tracked using this report..

Sessions By Workstation

The Sessions By Workstation Report breaks down activity by workstation.

This report will prove invaluable when trying to justify the purchase of new equipment.

Everything is accounted for in this easy to use report.

Workstation Summary

The Workstation Summary gives a graphical representation of how much time is being allocated to each of your workstations.
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